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SIPP 2021-2022 Mini-Grant Recipients

Your Dollars At Work: SIPP awards $15,000 to 6 projects

SIPP launched a 2nd round of our mini-grant program for grants of up to $3000. After reviewing a number of exciting proposals relating to a wide variety of environmental and civil society projects, we have chosen to fund the following projects/organizations:

Learning Arabic As a Language of Peace - AMAL Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021 - 2022
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AMAL (the Hebrew acronym for "Spoken Arabic for All") is a non-profit Israeli organization that works to make Arabic and Arab culture more accessible to Jewish children in order to promote tolerance and mutual respect between Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis. This project provides scholarships to Arab Israeli university students to teach Arabic and Arab culture to Jewish Israeli 5th-grade students in & around Tel Aviv.

Peace and Sustainability Ambassadorship - Eastern Mediterranean International School Mini-Grant Recipient - 2022
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A joint ambassadorship for three students (Israeli, Palestinian, and an international student) at an international high school near Tel Aviv to represent the issues of peacebuilding and environmental sustainability among the student body, and promote awareness and cultural approaches to change making with students from both sides of the conflict.

Women Talk - Ramat HaNegev Regional CouncilMini-Grant Recipient - 2022
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This project facilitates cross-cultural ties between the Negev’s Jewish community and local Bedouin women in unrecognized villages. Through this partnership, Bedouin women learn skills to navigate Israeli society and develop skills for employment. Our donation will fund Hebrew and English language classes and a bridal makeup course, which the Bedouin women requested to give them an additional marketable skill.

Reviving Sinsila - Rooftop Farming in East Jerusalem - Sinsila Center (IPCRI) Mini-Grant Recipient - 2022
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This project will provide a background course on the development and maintenance of rooftop gardens, with a focus on vertical farming. With ongoing mentorship and subsidies for initial equipment, it will enable local families to develop gardens of their own across the city. Through this, they will develop new and green open spaces, support local nutrition and food security, and generate a sustainable source of income through local production or through offering ecotourism activities. In addition, while educating about the surrounding environment, this program will also empower local communities by reconnecting locals with their farming heritage.

Ayoun el Sahar (Desert Eyes) - Ramat HaNegev Regional Council Mini-Grant Recipient - 2022
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A series of workshops for Bedouin women in unrecognized villages in the Negev to provide participants with professional cooking knowledge and a potential to earn a living cooking in the very secluded yet touristy area where they live.   

Placemaking in Taybe - Tishreen Mini-Grant Recipient - 2022
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"Place-Making" refers to a collaborative process to improve public space. This project focuses on environmental issues and integrates them into the public space of Taybe, Israel, to raise awareness to the importance of protecting the environment while using creative ways to utilize waste as a means of conveying a social message.