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SIPP Mini-Grants

September 2023
Revised November 2023
Request for Applications

Initial Mini-Grant applications are closed. Please keep us in mind for the future.

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Because of the war, Sustainable Israeli Palestinian Projects (SIPP) extended the deadline for submission of our mini-grant applications into January the beginning of 2024. As of January 1, we are no longer accepting applications for this round of mini-grants.

If you missed this deadline, but still want to work with us, please contact us directly at

Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects (SIPP) is excited to announce our fourth annual Mini-Grants program. We are open to receiving grant applications at this time.

SIPP Mini-Grants will range from $250 to $3,000. We prefer grant requests at the lower end of our range. The Mini-Grants will be for work performed during the time period February 1, 2024 through July 31, 2024. For projects whose time frame needs to be different (but completed in 2024), please ask SIPP for approval of an exception.

SIPP’s mission is to support projects that engage Israeli and Palestinian communities working to further common environmental and other interests and to build meaningful connections between people in the United States and Israeli and Palestinian communities involved in these efforts.

Request for Grant Applications: SIPP is seeking grant applications from organizations doing projects that align with our mission. We prioritize work in Israel and/or Palestine and projects that have a multi-cultural (e.g. Jewish and Arab, Palestinian and Israeli, etc.) component. Priority will be given to applications that include matching financial or nonfinancial/in-kind contributions. SIPP does not give grants to individuals.

Subject areas for the Mini-Grants include but are not limited to:
  • Environmental Protection. These grants will be awarded by SIPP through “Environmentally Sustainable Projects, an Initiative of SIPP”.
    • Air, water, and soil pollution
    • Sustainable water management
    • Environmental Education
    • Improving outcomes for agriculture and food sources in a time of changing climate
    • Responsible waste management such as diversion of organic material and recyclables from disposal to beneficial use, waste diversion infrastructure, and greenhouse gas reduction
    • Ecologic diversity
  • Civil society
    • Cross-cultural relations & programming
    • Nonviolent Communication (or similar) programs
    • Inter-community dialogue and communication advancement
    • Advancing equity and empowerment
    • Promoting shared society between Israel, Palestinians, and other groups, both within Israel, Palestine, and beyond
  • Educational and/or research strategies relating to any of these topics

Previous SIPP grants can be found here: and here:

As in previous years, we anticipate awarding between five and seven Mini-Grants.

Please submit the grant application found here by November 10, 2023 to

Information about grant applications can be found at Please address any questions about the application to by October 19, 2023, so that answers of general interest can be provided on SIPP’s website by October 27, 2023.

SIPP will start notifying grant applicants regarding their status by December 14, 2023 and begin negotiating agreements with successful applicants.

SIPP will require a Final Report, and for most grants we may request a mid-term report.

The dates below are being revised to reflect our extension of the application period into 2024.

Below is the timeline for Mini-Grant Applications:
September 5, 2023 – Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) issued
October 19, 2023 – Questions due from prospective applicants
October 27, 2023 – Answers to questions posted on website
November 10, 2023 – Applications due
December 14, 2023 – SIPP initiates negotiation with successful applicants;
January 4, 2024 - Public notification of all applicants
February 4, 2024 – Grant period begins
April 30, 2024 - Mid-term repord due, if required
July 31, 2024 – Projects completed (unless an extension is granted by SIPP)
August 15, 2024 – Final Reports due