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SIPP 2021-2022 Mini-Grant Recipients

Your Dollars At Work: SIPP awards $15,000 to 7 projects

SIPP launched a mini-grant program for grants of up to $3000. After reviewing a number of exciting proposals relating to a wide variety of environmental and civil society projects, we have chosen to fund the follow organizations:

Learning Arabic As a Language of Peace - AMAL Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021
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AMAL (the Hebrew acronym for "Spoken Arabic for All") is a non-profit Israeli organization that works to make Arabic and Arab culture more accessible to Jewish children in order to promote tolerance and mutual respect between Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis. This project provides scholarships to Arab Israeli university students to teach Arabic and Arab culture to Jewish Israeli 5th-grade students in & around Tel Aviv. Our support will allow AMAL to provide scholarships two more Arabic teachers.

Environmental Education Center - Green Land Society for Health Development Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021
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The GLSHD educates people throughout the West Bank on the importance of being environmental stewards. It also provides training on how to safely dispose of electronic waste, conducting health and safety training for the community, and many other activities. SIPP has funded this extraordinary center before and are we pleased to assist them again with their crucial work.

Women Talk - Ramat HaNegev Regional Council Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021
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This project facilitates cross-cultural ties between the Negev’s Jewish community and local Bedouin women in unrecognized villages. Through this partnership, Bedouin women learn skills to navigate Israeli society and develop skills for employment. Our donation will fund Hebrew and English language classes and a bridal makeup course, which the Bedouin women requested to give them an additional marketable skill.

The Online Majlis: A Regional Dialogue - IPCRI & Middle East Initiatives Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021
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Through a number of workshops, this project will bring together young environmental entrepreneurs from Israel, Palestine, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States to discuss regional environmental challenges. The project will conclude with an online seminar that will identify regional policy recommendations.

Wheels Of Change - Ramat HaNegev Regional Council Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021
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Wheels of Change provides outdoor environmental education and individual empowerment to Bedouin youth, especially girls, through off-road in Israel's Negev Desert. Our support will allow the group to purchase four new bicycles and expand the existing program.  

Rainwater Catching: Basma/Bartaa Local Council Schools - Amuta For Education And Health In Israel Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021
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This project will establish a rainwater catching project as an educational tool for teaching about the water cycle and its importance at an Arab elementary school in Barta'a. Barta’aa straddles both sides of the Green Line in Northern Israel/West Bank and is in the Hadera water basin.

Unity Is Strength Mini-Grant Recipient - 2021
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This is a NY-based organization that promotes online civil dialog between Israelis and Palestinians. SIPP’s grant will assist the organization to increase its online presence.

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