Hebron Stream School Pairing and Environmental Monitoring

Working with AJEEC-NISPED, SIPP is actively seeking opportunities to partner withhebron stream near border other organizations in both Israel and Colorado to support environmental education, community building, and research in the Hebron Stream area in a project that pairs Bedouin and Jewish Israeli high school students for environmental monitoring of the Hebron Stream. The Hebron Stream is polluted. By involving Jewish and Bedouin Schools to monitor life in the stream, contaminants, water levels, etc., this project can initiate relationships among the youth while raising environmental awareness. AJEEC-NISPED is proposing to introduce four pairs of Bedouin and Jewish high schools to collaborate on environmenthebron streamal monitoring of the Hebron Stream. In addition to meeting with each other, theĀ proposal is to introduce mobile apps that will allow students to share data in real time. In addition, there will be training for faculty, and a laboratory to enable the monitoring.