Help Build Wetlands in the Kidron/Nar Basin – A Community Crowdfunding Effort!

Construction of a demonstration wetlands in Al Ubeideya

Mayor Suleiman of Al Ubeideya, directs work at the construction site for a demonstration wetlands to treat sewage from a boy’s school.

Dear SIPP Supporter:

As you know, SIPP has been working with Israelis and Palestinians to address critical issues relating to untreated sewage in the Kidron Nar Basin. At least 15 million cubic meters of untreated sewage is dumped annually in the Basin.   This is the equivalent of 6,000 Olympic swimming pools of hazardous waste.  There is increasing danger to the growing population and diverse important historical and religious sites within the Basin which includes east Jerusalem and extends to the Dead Sea.

As part of its larger plan to address the crisis in the region, the Kidron Basin Initiative (KBI) has partnered with Shurook, a West Bank environmental NGO,  to work toward an immediate solution.  They are building an innovative, low-tech treatment system to treat the wastewater of approximately 1500 local residents. The total cost of the project is $300,000, the majority of which will be supplied by institutional grants. To begin construction and generate further interest from institutional donors, Shurook is asking for an initial sum through a crowdfunding campaign which will be matched by KBI funds.  The crowdfunding campaign lasts until Wednesday, March 22, 2017 World Water Day.

Location of the proposed community-scale wetlands site to treat sewage from 1500 residents.

Location of the proposed community-scale wetlands site to treat sewage from 1500 residents.

SIPP has agreed to help this important program raise funds, and, to that end, SIPP WILL MATCH DONATIONS MADE THROUGH SIPP, EARMARKED FOR “KIDRON BASIN INITIATIVE” and received by SIPP by March 22nd.  Because donations to the program will already be matched by KBI funds, any donation you make through SIPP will effectively be QUADRUPLED (your gift +SIPP match, + KBI match for your gift and the SIPP match!!).  SIPP will pass along 100% of all earmarked donations we receive to the program, plus our match up to a total of $2500.  And don’t worry – if donations through SIPP exceed $2500, that money will still be passed along to the program and be matched by KBI.  

TO MAKE A GIFT, please send SIPP a check with the Kidron Basin Initiative noted, made payable to SIPP at  P.O. Box 335, Boulder, CO 80306-0335 OR donate on our website (click here) and note that your gift is for the Kidron Basin Initiative.  Remember, only gifts made through SIPP by March 22, 2017 will be eligible for the combined SIPP and KBI matches.

For more information about the overall effort, please go the crowdfunding website at

Thank you so much for supporting this important work!

Hosted by the SIPP Board of Directors: Donna Axel, Bill and Sara-Jane Cohen, Liz and Sid Fox, Sandy Friedman, Beth and Peter Ornstein, Tara Winer.

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