Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects (SIPP) is dedicated to educating the American public on environmental and other socially beneficial projects in Israeli and Palestinian communities, and facilitating ways to engage the public with these projects. Environmental and socially beneficial projects include those that improve the physical and ecological environment in Israeli and Palestinian communities, and the social fabric among and between Israelis and Palestinians.

Our mission is to support projects that engage Israelis and Palestinians working together to further common environmental and other interests, and to build meaningful connections between people in the United States and Israelis and Palestinians involved in these efforts

The Kidron Valley Project ( is an example of the types of projects supported by SIPP. The Kidron Valley/Wadi Al Nar watershed, which encompasses the Old City in Jerusalem and wends its way through the West Bank to the Dead Sea, suffers from significant environmental degredation. We are working with Israelis and Arabs in Jerusalem and the West Bank to help clean up the Kidron Valley/Wadi Al Nar through the combined efforts of the residents in the watershed. We have connected students, university faculty, and others in the Boulder Colorado community to the project and are promoting exchange of expertise and culture among all participants.

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