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Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Projects (SIPP)

Our mission is to support projects that engage Israeli and Palestinian communities working to further common environmental and other interests, and to build meaningful connections between people in the United States and Israeli and Palestinian communities involved in these efforts.

Sustainable Projects And Partners

Our projects involve diverse communities in Israel and the West Bank, including Jews,Muslims and Christians, Bedouin, Druze and immigrant communities, and may be located in Israel and the West Bank. These projects include work where we have provided expertise, including extensive expertise of our Board Members, and/or funding. Our partners include organizations that we have been or are currently working with, and organizations with which we are discussing future opportunities. We have engaged with our partners to apply for grants, including a grant we received from the US Embassy in 2019. Our environmentally focused our projects are part of our Environmentally Sustainable Projects initiative. Other projects focus on education and building civil society. Here are a few highlights:

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Electronic Waste

Open Burning

The open burning of circuit boards and other electronic waste creates a hazard for workers and  local residents.

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Sewage Treatment

Constructed Wetlands

East of Jerusalem, rapidly expanding local communities lack infrastructure to treat raw sewage, which ends up in local wadis.

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Graduate Studies

Israeli and Palestinian graduate students work together to solve environmental problems.

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Mar Saba Monastery

Contaminated Cisterns

Several of the ancient cisterns that provide drinking water at the 1500 year old Mar Saba Monastery have been contaminated.

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Other Projects And Partners

Educational and Social

Click the button below to learn more about the educational and social work  that our partners and prospective partners are doing.

Our Vision

We envision Israeli and Palestinian communities working together peacefully and constructively on environmental and other projects of mutual interest to meet common goals.